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Nano Religion R. S. Wacha

Nano Religion

R. S. Wacha

Published January 30th 2012
ISBN : 9781468149760
320 pages
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 About the Book 

Ty Roman had a vision of world peace and the most powerful technology that man has ever created has fallen into his hands. His world doesn’t include wars, disease, or free will. Nanos are the miracle he’s been seeking since his days as an altar boy where he was abused by a trusted friend and mentor. The nanos cure disease and heal injuries, but at what cost? He’s been in power for years and is still trying to conquer the world. His organization, The Church of the Apostles of Roman, is on the verge of creating “Organics, nanos that don’t wear out and can’t be destroyed. If he spreads the Organics, he will govern man and the world. Only Josh, one of his former followers, knows the truth. He must find the stolen data, which is needed to produce the Organics before Roman does. Josh’s family and man’s free will are at stake.