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Her Keeper 2 Part 2: In His Custody Helen Karol

Her Keeper 2 Part 2: In His Custody

Helen Karol

Published November 17th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Her Keeper 2 - In His Custody Part 2The warrant reignites Rick and Saras feud and may damage their weekend deal. Can Rick assert his authority enough to convince Sara to trust him or is the battle on again? And will that dress that Sara wore to tease Rick arouse his fantasies so much that she ends up with a lot more than she bargained for?Sara is drawn to the teenage girl in foster care who needs her protection, while Lukes murder investigations unearth information that worries Rick about Saras safety. Keeping her close becomes imperative.Join Rick and Sara as their sizzling romance grows even hotter!********ExtractLukes pointed, laconic stare swiftly jolts me out of ultimate asshole mode, but not fast enough to dodge the shoe Sara throws at me. It is my own deck shoe, one of a pair sitting by the entrance where she is poised in righteous fury. Hitting me squarely in the chest, it packs all of her rage and knocks the breath right out of me.Ill wear what I like, a****le! She counters stubbornly. What do you mean, court? And leave Lisa out of this. She is my friend, not Luke Kincaids woman. She knows where her loyalties lie. I...no...noo...dont you dare! She stamps her high-heeled foot, her last words uttered in outraged response to my action of picking up the shoe and slapping it against my palm as I advance on her. Dont you dare even think it, Rick Andrews. I mean it! You are in the wrong here. You have no right.I am sorely tempted to use the shoe on her ass as she thinks is my intention, but I pride myself on only meting out deserved punishment and I can hardly blame her for venting her anger on me right now. What she says is true. In this instance, I have no right.Admirably, she stands her ground until the last moment, despite the clear fear of my retribution written all over her beautiful face. Even then, when I reach her, she only backs up a few steps to protect her equally beautiful backside against the wall. Flinching as I throw the shoe on the ground beside its mate, she relaxes for a few seconds when I fail to turn her up and paddle her as she expects.Her relief is short lived. She is soon howling indignantly when I pick her up and heft her over my shoulder. Balancing her skillfully amidst her furious struggling, I slip into my shoes and carry her out the door. Collecting my jacket and keys on the way, I call back to Luke. Well meet you at the sheriffs office.F*** persuasion and convincing her to trust me. Picking her up and hauling her off is much easier.************Her Keeper is an erotic romance with explicit sexual content. It has a hot cop (two actually), sexy frisking, spanking, cuffing, anal play, a crazy, hot proposition and two people who are stubbornly in love.Enjoy!